Farmer app

Farmers in Cambodia often do not have a computer or laptop, but commonly have a mobile phone with internet. Therefore, the blockchain is linked to a mobile application: the farmer application.

In addition to storing transactions, the application functions as a farmer field book where data on farming inputs and outputs are stored.

The aim of this app is to provide farmers insights on their yields, costs and earnings.

By proving these insights, farmers are supported in making informed decisions.

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Living Income

A living income is the remuneration received for a standard workweek by a worker in a particular place sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and her or his family. Farmers in the BlocRice project experience a living income gap of 31%.

Our Platform

The Blocrice project is powered by Susori, a powerful supply chain traceability platform. It consists of two main components:

Data layer

Individual actors — up to the farmer level — have agency and ownership of their own data using the Susori Data Layer. The Data Layer is public, decentralized and based on blockchain principles. It allows data exchange and independent validation of supply chain conditions (such as, is a fair price paid?) without trusting a central gatekeeper.

Supply chain Builder

To give meaning to the raw data in the Data Layer, to easily consume and commit transactions, the Supply Chain Builder is used to model any food commodity supply chain on top of the Data Layer. By specifying the supply chain actors, stages, key information points and product transformations, it provides developers with an easy to use web-based API to interact with the Data Layer.

Custom apps

By leveraging the API's as generated by the Supply Chain builder custom apps are easily built, for example using common web technologies like Laravel and React. The Farmer App, Consumer App and Supply Chain Dashboard within the Blocrice project are examples of these. Such apps can be written by regular developers without blockchain or decantralized technology expertise.

BlocRice — Technical Architecture

Project partners

 Agricultural cooperatives in Cambodia

Samaki Phnom Pich Borey AC

Loeuk Kampuos Kasekor AC