The value chain

Farmers in Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia

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Agricultural cooperatives

Samaki Phnom Pich Borey AC and Loeuk Kampuos Kasekor AC

— Cambodia


Rice exporter

— Cambodia


Import and export company active in organic food ingredients and consumer products

— The Netherlands

UDEA / Ekoplaza

Wholesaler of organic products

— The Netherlands

On-brand app to connect with your customer

We connect the consumer to the rice farmer by giving the farmer a face. By simply scanning the QR-code on the rice product, the consumer gains real-time insights in the rice supply chain.

The application shows a profile of the farmer who produced the rice, whether the farmer was paid on time and if the farmer received additional training.

The application also takes the consumer on a blockchain validated journey through the rice supply chain. It shows exactly where the rice was harvested, and through which supply chain nodes the rice has travelled.

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Latest updates

October 2022

Reducing post-harvest losses

In October Amru Rice provided post-harvest training to the two cooperatives in Preah Vihear. In the training, farmers learned more about the ideal harvesting conditions, different drying methods, moisture control and threshing management. Weather conditions have been challenging throughout the rice cultivation period as much more rain has fallen than in previous years, hence the post-harvest training is essential to reduce post-harvest losses.

In addition, the training focused on about packing, labeling and transport, collection point management and data recording. The training was attended by 82 farmers, including 65 women farmers.

Project partners

 Agricultural cooperatives in Cambodia

Samaki Phnom Pich Borey AC

Loeuk Kampuos Kasekor AC